Flash your Taranis with new firmware

I’ve had a few questions from people on how to upgrade their firmware to get the Taranis RSSI laptimer working. There are a few different ways to do it, I will be showing the method I think is the simplest.

Getting the Taranis into Boot Loader mode

This step would probably be easier with three arms, but its straightforward, while holding the horizontal trim switches inwards, power on the Taranis, it would start up in Boot Loader mode. Its from this mode you can either plug the Taranis into the computer to access the SD card, or flash the firmware that is on the SD card.



Copy the firmware to the Taranis SD card

You can either use an SD card reader or copy the firmware directly to the Taranis using a USB cable (for which the Taranis needs to be in bootloader mode). Either way you need to copy the firmware into the “Firmwares” folder on the card using an SD card reader. The firmware known to work with the RSSI laptimer can be found here (you will need to unzip it before you copy it to the SD card.

Flash the firmware

Firstly a warning, if you are running a very old firmware, it is possible the settings on your Taranis can be lost! I haven’t ever had this happen, but it has to be said, you might need to setup your models again.

Select the “Write Firmware” Option in the bootloader menu, and select the firmware you wish to flash.


You will be prompted to holder “Enter” to proceed


Once it is complete you can press the “Exit” button to get back into the bootloader menu.

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